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A shared experience


People gather together for all sorts of reasons, but I have found that the drums bring people together because they have something in common. 

Why not organise a group drum birthing day with friends, colleagues or join one with people you have yet to meet.?

You are sure to connect and share in this day full of creation.

These can take place at my home in North Essex or I can travel and hold the day in someone's home or somewhere special to you all.

 I provide all materials except a stick for your beater - I invite you to ask nature to provide!




The cost of a group drum birthing day is:


 £200 per person from my home.


£210 per person if I travel without accomodation to

London / Kent / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire / Northamptonshire areas and a little more for further afield.

If paid accomodation or venue hire is required we split this between the group cost.


Group days are for no more than 7 people unless we invite an apprentice to support.

There is only 4 people in a group at my home.


Check the calendar for scheduled drum birthings or contact me to organise one.