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I am a gifted women's healer.

My purpose is to relieve women's pain.

This is not just physical pain ~

but the pain of shame and guilt, past and present. 

The pain of confusion, uncertainty, patterns and more.


Women ~


I am known for my ability to create safe spaces where women can let go and really get into the body to hear its wisdom, pain and desires.

I work with what comes, hearing you, honouring you, perhaps inviting you to step a little further into the deep with me by your side.

I particularly support women’s fertility, menstrual, peri-menopausal and menopausal health, recurrent miscarriage and 'unknown infertility' through womb massage and MCA (menstrual cycle awareness). I also work with women who feel stuck, lost or stagnant in their lives.


I see clients in person at 58 South Molton Street, London

- just around the corner from Bond Street. I am there 2 Mondays a month and you can book an appointment here.


At 58 I offer womb massage, healing in the form of Reiki, Drum Healing and Crystal healing and my signature 'Deluxe Priestess in the City' treatment which is a 2 hour full honouring of you with womb massage, sound healing and Priestess Blessing.



I offer zoom sessions where we can work remotely using my 'inner journeying approach' or distant healing.


I often work with women in nature for ceremony or release work.

If this is what calls book in an initial Zoom call to see where it takes us.



Girls -


I run puberty and periods sessions and combine these with welcoming ceremonies. I tend to run these in groups so the girls and mums have a circle of support after I leave.


I tailor these to the families I work with.

If you want to celebrate menarche or upcoming menarche with your daughter do get in touch.


You can also purchase my book - 'How to support your daughter through puberty - a practical guide for mums' from Amazon or direct from me.

Puberty and Periods 

Ceremonies for women